Code of Practice

Code of Practice

The Precast Flooring Federation Code of Practice

Industry codes of practice, such as that produced by the Precast Flooring Federation (PFF) and approved by HSE, received careful consideration and input from key players within the industry who have the safety and welfare of those involved in precast flooring work foremost in their mind.

Falls have always been, and remain the biggest cause of deaths and serious injuries in construction. If work at height is planned, including selecting the correct equipment and using it properly, then most accidents involving falls can be prevented. As with previous editions of this code and other similar industry codes of practice, if the guidance within it is properly followed by the industry, then the risks of death and injury from falls and other factors should be greatly reduced.

It brings together best practice within the industry and has the interest of those involved in the design, specification, use and erection of precast flooring products at heart. It is only by the industry showing leadership, working in partnership, and taking ownership of the management of risk that improvements will be made. To download your copy, please click the link below.

Download the PFF Code of Practice

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