Precast Concrete Terracing

Bank on the best.

The robust, inert nature of concrete makes it ideal for fixtures such as seating terraces. The smooth, even, pale grey surface can simply be sealed and left as the finish or it can directly accept finishes such as paint, timber or carpeting. The superb fire performance of concrete also makes it ideal from a safety point of view.

AG Precast produce terrace units for all types of leisure centres, cinemas, concert halls and small and medium-sized stadia. We specialise in working with customers who need thoughtful, customised solutions for innovatively designed projects.

AG terrace units can be used for either fixed seating or standing areas and are available in a variety of profiles with a span of up to 9 metres. Expertly designed to your project’s specification, the components are factory prefabricated before delivery to site for installation by our contracts team. Fast installation enables the immediate creation of a safe working platform, greatly assisting the follow on trades and reducing programme times.

Terracing Typical Section


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