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Precast Concrete Stairs

Speed your build with our highly customisable range

AG Precast’s stairs and landings provide a fast, efficient and cost effective option – not only reducing labour on site but permitting fast installation and providing immediate access to all floor areas.

AG’s precast stairs and landings can be designed and configured to suit a wide variety of staircase configurations and designs. Our use of custom-built moulds allows almost endless flexibility to meet the requirements of any project – even curved landings and landings detailed for progressive collapse, if required. So rather than adapting a project to fit around the precast stairs, AG’s flexible service allows you to specify exactly the product you need.

Our extensive design and engineering teams stay in front of the latest industry innovations and all our products are manufactured with a quality finish in a controlled factory environment. All stairs and landings are fully CE marked in compliance with BS EN 14843.

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The scale and experience to deliver

​AG Precast's size and track record mean that we're a partner you can really depend on. All our customers are given dedicated sales and contract managers, meaning that you'll have a small, responsive and experienced team working directly on your projects.

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