Lift Shafts

Precast Lift Shafts

Expertly designed. Efficiently installed.

AG’s lift shafts are built to your specification and factory manufactured in bespoke moulds

They can be installed quickly and efficiently by our specialist installation teams. Depending on a customer’s requirement we also work with specialist sub-contractors – we’re primarily focused on supplying the best possible solution for each project we work on. 

Absolute precision every time

Working closely with your lift supplier, we can ensure that all components are accurately positioned, including channels, call button recesses and control panel recess.

Additionally we can design and manufacture the capping slabs with all temporary and permanent anchors cast in, ensuring a safe installation of all M&E components. Because shafts are manufactured as a series of boxes, the need for temporary works or propping is eliminated. They can be designed to replace blockwork or even function as shear walls.

The scale and experience to deliver

AG Precast's size and track record mean that we're a partner you can really depend on. All our customers are given dedicated sales and contract managers, meaning that you'll have a small, responsive and experienced team working directly on your projects. 

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