Beam + Block Flooring

Beam + Block Flooring

Get in on the ground – fast.

AG Precast’s T-Beam system is a traditional, yet cost effective, suspended flooring system, for use where a structural floor is required by building control – or for sites with poor access.

Beam and block is particularly suitable where the infill depth exceeds 600mm, where there are awkward shapes in a floor plan or where there is a requirement to insert into an existing structure. It can also easily accommodates building services.

AG beam and block is available ex-stock in 50mm increments. We can supply beam and block directly into the Irish market, or to the UK via supply partners or as part of a larger project package. Generally we would recommend that customers consider our hollowcore products for upper floors in a project – primarily for construction safety reasons.

Sound properties

The minimum density of the AG T- Beam and Block floor, complete with 75mm bonded screed, is 415kg/m2 – therefore providing an equivalent resistance to transmission of airborne or impact sound of a solid concrete floor.


Beam and block floors are designed by AG to support loadings appropriate to their intended use (eg. as dwellings or as offices). Generally we are also able to allow for non-load-bearing partition walls in our design. We can offer technical advice on any specific application – our design and engineering department are available to help ensure the success of your project.

T-Beam diagram

Live Load Tables

Load table – clear span loads on 150mm T-Beams and Blocks (kN/m2)

Allowance has been made for self-weight of beams and standard 100mm 7N/mm2 blocks. The weight of screeds and finishes must be deducted from the loadings shown:

Infill Blocks 440mm 440/220mm 220mm 150mm None
Beam Centres 550mm 410mm 300mm 230mm 130mm
Self Weight 2.35kN/m2  2.5kN/m2  2.6kN/m2  2.8kN/m2 3.6kN/m2 
Clear Span Length
2.7m 10.8 14.3 20.0 20.0 20.0
3.0m 8.4 11.3 16.1 20.0 20.0
3.3m 6.6 9.0 13.0 17.5 20.0
3.6m 5.2 7.2 10.6 14.4 20.0
3.9m 4.1 5.8 8.7 12.0 20.0
4.2m 3.3 4.7 7.2 10.0 19.3
4.5m 2.6 3.8 6.0 8.4 16.5
4.8m 2.0 3.1 4.9 7.0 14.1

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